Preceptory and Dower House - game asset

This low-poly model is based on a Knights Hospitaller Preceptory and Dower House at Low Chibburn, Widdrington, Northumberland, in the UK. Whilst not an exact scale model, it does follow the floor plan of the Preceptory and associated buildings dating back to the early 14th Century. For more information on Low Chibburn Preceptory click this link

The inspiration for this model is the latest episode of Time Team exploring a Knights Hospitaller Preceptory site on the Welsh border - click this link for episode 1

Click on the numbered annotations on the model to see the function of each building.

I have kept the poly count as low as possible and the model should work well in a game engine such as Unreal (Gltf format at download)
Andy Woodhead



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10.0 MATIC

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